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Earn money from Google 😎😎...

Play Store

Many of us  are using Android platform as our primary operating System. Downloading apps from play store is just other thing for us. We used to download games, apps, books from this store.

But in the list of priorities of downloading we enlist two things ;-

1. Ratings

2. Price

Ratings above 4.0 are fine in my frank opinion. Apps above this is somewhat equivalent to each other. Then, what about pricing ?


We Indians have a habit of targeting free things first. If anyone lends us 10 Rs. Kurkure for free we would shower blessing to him/her for this noble gesture. Isn't it true ? LoLπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…...

& when it comes to purchasing that too Apps we always look for this tag..

So, coming back to our topic. You can earn free Money from Google itself. No, it's not Illegal neither it requires any skill. Infact, Google wants us to earn free credits.

Here's how

There's an App on Google Play Store called Google Opinion Rewards. Link is below:-

Just download it on your smartphone. Fill the basic details and you will be asked to wait. This app is nothing but a survey app. You have to give very small surveys and you are entitled with instant cash just after the survey. You can spend this entire money in purchasing various things like Apps, Books, Movies, Games. You can even make payments from this money.

So, Now download it & enjoy purchasing paid, Ad free apps.

Hers's proof of my earning..

Comment down your thoughts about this post😍😊


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